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VANCOUVER, BC – June 27, 2018 – Quini® (, the leader in wine tasting data and technology solutions today announced that a team pursuing the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Executive MBA program used Quini’s integrated data collection and analytics software platform, QUINI DATA™, as part of a four-month project to analyze the use of wine big data throughout the value chain of the industry.

The team consist of 7 executive MBA program participants. Team members include Holly Bunton, Shelly Heinrich, Lori Lewis, Caroline Mah, Sarah Rajtik, Jenna Rekowski, and Marie Selvanadin.

Georgetown University Exec MAB Cohort

The group used Quini’s data collection and near real-time analytics software suite to examine the use of Quini sensory and attitudinal consumer data in advancing, accelerating and improving the accuracy of decision making in the industry.

The research and application of Quini consumer sensory and attitudinal data will cover critical functions within a wine organization including marketing, strategic initiatives, product development and others.

“The single biggest opportunity wine professionals have in the era of data and analytics today is not learning how to analyze and interpret data, but first to evolve and become data-driven thinkers and decision makers,” said Quini’s CEO Roger Noujeim. “Quini is collapsing critical decision-making times to near zero in many critical areas of the wine business, which sets a new pace for commerce that benefits companies that embrace a data culture early.”

“The backend of Quini’s platform is incredibly impressive and powerful, and has the latitude to change the wine industry,” said Shelly Heinrich, Interim Associate Dean and Director of Marketing, MBA Admissions at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. “The use of big data is essential to senior level executives in order to make decisions that guide the direction of their company or organization. The best practices we learn from using data in the wine industry are also transferable to many other industries.”

GTU Dashboard3

QUINI DATA™ is the industry’s first end-to end consumer engagement, sensory and attitudinal data collection, and analytics platform. The framework includes a suite of four integrated software products that help wine producers, distributors, retailers, industry associations and research organizations to deploy data collection consumer interfaces across their operation and networks, collect up to 40 data points on any wine using Quini’s proprietary visual wine tasting and rating framework, and get answers through ready-to-use analytics and intelligence dashboards, updated in near real-time.

Wine industry professionals interested in evaluating the platform may request free trial access at

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