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Self-Serve Consumer Sensory Data and Analytics Platform to Support Decisions

VANCOUVER, BC – October 06, 2022 – Quini® (, the leader in consumer sensory data and analytics solutions for the wine industry, welcomes Purple Brands ( to its client roster. Purple Brands brings together iconic wine brands including Raeburn, Avalon, Four Vines and Scattered Peaks, as well as leading Whiskey, Gin and Vodka brands.

Using Quini’s sensory data, Purple Brands has deployed the QUINI DATA™ self-serve consumer sensory and attitudinal data analytics platform to support and inform brand strategy and plans.

“Consumer insight is paramount to better understanding of market needs and direction,” said Kathleen Murphy, Vice President of Marketing at Purple Brands. “The access to localized consumer sensory data and analytics provides us with an actionable view on the market, inexpensively and fast.”

Added Murphy: “Quini also provides us with quantifiable data that can be turned into selling tools.”

“The team at Quini and I are excited to work with Purple Brands to advance and support their strategy and plans,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s CEO. “By better understanding the consumer using Quini sensory data and Machine Learning algorithms, our clients are positioned to craft and market wines that have greater market potential.”

As a QUINI DATA Gold client, Purple Brands gains year-round access to Quini data in its chosen markets.

QUINI DATA is a self-serve, proprietary wine consumer sensory data and analytics platform. The system encompasses multiple dashboard clusters to support critical business functions in a winery. These include Marketing and Brand Management, Business Intelligence, Wine Making and Innovation teams, Consumer Insight managers, Direct To Consumer (DTC) and Wine Club teams.


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VANCOUVER, BC – September 22, 2022 – Quini® (, the leader in consumer sensory data and analytics solutions for the wine industry today announced that Summerhill Pyramid Winery ( used Quini for sensory and attitudinal data delivering valuable insight on several of its flagship wines as well as reinforcing corporate decisions on new retail display packaging alternatives.

The data helped to inform management on its new packaging direction, enabling the company to save 84 percent on packaging costs of what may have been deemed a more attractive option.

More than 40 frequent wine consumers who participated in Quini’s latest panel wine tasting in Vancouver, selected the winning design. Three design alternatives were presented without any pricing information.

“We see the extreme value that Quini data provides,” said Joey Krueger, Director of Sales, Summerhill Pyramid Winery. “With each study we undertake in partnership with Quini, we are able to extract near immediate ROI. Their work is seamless and the analytics are actionable.”

“We are excited each time our clients extract value from our data,” said Roger Noujeim, CEO, Quini. “I look forward to continuing to support Summerhill Pyramid Winery with their important initiatives.”

Summerhill has partnered with Quini for sensory product evaluation and competitive benchmarking to support key decisions.

QUINI DATA™ is a self-serve, proprietary wine consumer sensory data and analytics solution for wine producers. The proprietary software system is supported by Quini led consumer sensory wine tastings designed to collect the exact data that wineries need, where and when they need it.

The QUINI DATA platform encompasses multiple dashboard clusters to support critical business functions in a winery. These include Marketing and Brand Management, Business Intelligence, Wine Making and Innovation teams, Consumer Insight managers, Direct To Consumer (DTC) and Wine Club teams.

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High Performance Environment Delivers New Intelligence Capabilities And Supports Wide Market Adoption Strategy

VANCOUVER, BC – July 25, 2022 – Quini® (, the leader in wine consumer sensory data and analytics solutions today launched its next generation platform for wine producers and industry stakeholders. QUINI DATA™ 2.0 leverages Quini’s growing consumer wine tasting and rating sensory data set, unique data capture and wine tasting event management software applications, consumer tasting panel network and machine learning algorithms to deliver deep, rich insight that enable better informed, faster decisions.

“QUINI DATA 2.0 is a proud milestone for Quini, our product management, data science and software development teams. The passion, commitment and tireless work bring to life Quini’s vision for accessible consumer sensory data for winery professionals across business functions,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s CEO.

With today’s launch, Quini has transitioned away from use of third party data visualization software, eliminating all related licensing costs. The new, proprietary environment enhances performance and user experience, improves design flexibility and security, and enables Quini to grant user licenses widely to support the company’s market adoption and expansion strategy.

QUINI DATA 2.0 offers simple, user friendly analytics to answer business, marketing, sales and product questions, as well as advanced dashboards for Business Intelligence and Innovation professionals.

Added Noujeim: “ Anyone at a winery who can benefit from access to consumer sensory data should and can now have that access. The new QUINI DATA 2.0 platform enables a data-driven culture. A culture that values consumer insight based planning, risk reduction, pre-emptive intelligence and action, and success optimization.


QUINI DATA 2.0 incorporates a new analytics dashboard designed to give the busy executive topline consumer insight about a product, at a glance. Also accessible via mobile, the dashboard enables wine professionals to get answers conveniently on-demand, such as for meetings and presentations.

“We recognize that busy executives don’t always have time to dig deep into data. Product analysis at a glance, on a single screen via mobile, enables the professional to be better informed with consumer intelligence, where and when they need it.”

Fig 1. Screen Shot of the Mobile QUINI DATA Dashboard EXECUTIVE

Fig 2. Screen Shots of Two Mobile QUINI DATA Dashboard EXECUTIVE Chart Components

“Wine professionals can now instantly gain actionable perspectives on a product, in a single dashboard, much like analyzing a public company’s stock. Just select a wine and EXECUTIVE provides the answers,” concluded Noujeim.

QUINI DATA 2.0 encompasses multiple complimentary analytics dashboard clusters to support the various business functions in a winery. This includes marketing, business intelligence, wine making and innovation teams, consumer insight managers, direct to consumer (DTC) and wine club groups.

Fig 3. Screen Shot of the QUINI DATA ADVANCED ANALYTICS Dashboard Spider

Wineries engage Quini to collect consumer data on products relevant to their business, to solve critical business and product questions. Leveraging Quini’s national consumer wine tasting panels, data capture software and real-time analytics, Quini ensures the data is soon accessible for clients, on-demand.

For a demonstration of QUINI DATA 2.0, or to request high resolution images, please email Quini at

Quini is the leader in sensory data and technology solutions serving the wine industry. Privately held, Quini is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Quini’s investor group includes OKR Financial ( and private investors.


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WINnovation Awards Recognize The Most Innovative Industry Suppliers And Service Professionals

VANCOUVER, BC – November 18, 2021 – Quini® (, the leader in consumer sensory data and analytics solutions for the wine industry, has been recognized by Wine Industry Network with the WINnovation 2021 Award.

WINnovation is an annual award presented to five of the most innovative wine industry suppliers and service professionals. The award recognizes organizations for ground-breaking products or practices and positive contributions toward the advancement of the North American wine industry.

“There’s a growing awareness of the importance of quality data for making sound business decisions, but acquiring the right data and interpreting it can be a costly challenge. That’s why we believe Quini’s solution to making consumer sensory data accessible to more wine businesses is an important innovation for the industry,” says Kim Badenfort, Editor, Wine Industry Advisor.

“I am honoured to receive the WINnovation Award on behalf of our visionary founders, staff and investors,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s chief executive office. “I would also like to thank our clients. Winery professionals who have recognized Quini’s unique ability to deliver answers to critical business and product questions using sensory data, more quickly and cost efficiently than traditional practices and research models.”

Quini clients include top 25 US and Canadian wine producers, as well as fast growing small and medium sized wineries. The company’s flagship platform, QUINI DATA™, is an annual subscription SaaS solution that delivers user friendly analytics to the executive desktop, for answers on-demand. Quini also provides project-based data solutions, and interactive sensory data reports available for purchase on the company’s website.

Quini is the leader in near real-time wine sensory data and technology solutions. Founded in 2013, Quini is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Quini’s investor group includes OKR Financial ( and private investors.