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By Joy Culbertson, ProgrammableWeb Staff
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Wine has been around for thousands of years, so it’s only natural so many developers have an interest in creating applications for searching, buying, tracking, tasting, rating, selling, comparing, and learning about wine.

ProgrammableWeb‘s Wine category is the best place for developers to find Application Programming Interfaces, or wine APIs, to create applications. In this article, we highlight the eight most popular ones, based on website traffic.

1. BARZZ API is an online bar, restaurant and nightclub directory. The BARZZ APITrack this API allows users to retrieve detailed bar and nightclub venue information including bar type, location, amenities, hours, daily specials, and more. Data is available for bars and venues in over 60 cities and regions across the USA and growing daily.

2. Thirstie API

The Thirstie APITrack this API provides data solutions for liquor brands. Thirstie is a complete e-commerce solution for liquor businesses. Developers need to contact the provider for API and documentation access.

3. Global Wine Score API

Global Wine Score provides a wine scoring aggregation service. The Global Wine Score REST APITrack this API can be used to integrate wine score data from the service. Add wine scores, search for wine, and manage rights with the API. The API returns one unique score for that specific wine.

Global Wine Score API
Screenshot: Global Wine Score

4. TinEye WineEngine API

The TinEye WineEngine APITrack this API works by comparing a photo of a wine bottle against a collection of reference images and has an exceptional recognition rate. This API not only supports wines, but other beverages such as beer and spirits as well, and works even with low-quality mobile images.

TinEye WineEngine API
Screenshot: TinEye

5. Wine-Searcher API

Wine-Searcher is a search engine of the price lists of more than 97,000 wine stores around the world. The Wine-Searcher Wine API lets developers integrate the wine search engine with their applications. The API enables queries by location, for vintage, bottle size, prices, and more. Potential applications of the API include showing the average or min/max prices for wines within a website or application, showing the value of the wines in a user’s private cellar, allowing users to see where they can buy a wine.

6. Quini API

Quini is a wine ratings and recommendations service that can recognize personal preferences to recommend wines. The Quini Search API retrieves wine name, winery, varietal, area, vintage, country, wine style, and tagging. Users can access data in JSON, SVG, and IFrame methods.

Quini Wine API
Screenshot: Quini

7. Vinsight API

Vinsight Winery Software will track and trace grape and growing, monitor fermentation data and trace bulk wine through to bottled labelled product. The Vinsight API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Vinsight with other applications. The API returns stock and sales information.

8. Snooth

Snooth is a growing online community of wine lovers. The Snooth APITrack this API allows access to the extensive database of wines hosted by Snooth. Snooth users can rate wines and get recommendations based on their preferences.

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