By Quini Team April 27, 2022 Comments Off on One Bottle At A Time Podcast Host Ronald Dorsey Talks Wine Data With Quini’s Patrick Stansfield

One of the great outcomes of wine is the people you get to meet. The benefits multiple when you get to travel and taste wines with people all over.

At one of our recent tastings in Brooklyn, New York, we met Ronald Dorsey, creator of the One Bottle At A Time podcast. One thing is for sure, Ronald asks good questions and is quite engaging.

Perhaps it is skill, or maybe Ronald’s passion for wine that drives him to want to find out as much as he can. Afterall, the wine industry is currently experiencing an important shift. Moving away from being market driving, to more of a market-driven business.

This transition, capitalizing on sensory market research and data-driven decision making, stands to support growth in an industry that is getting more creative and certain about figuring how to reignite the business.

Ronald caught up with Quini’s head of sales, Patrick Stansfield last week, ahead of one of our many consumer tastings taking place in in New York for some of our winery clients. The conversation covered wine, data, tasting, the new focus on deep understanding of the consumer, and Quini.

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By Bernard Kenner November 8, 2015 Comments Off on Judgment of BC: A Tasting Experience to Learn From

If you’ve tasted lots of wine, from lots of places over a long period of time with a critical eye and palate, you get pretty confident in your ability to figure wines out. You can identify what you are tasting and if you are familiar with the winemaking process, you can often figure out how it got made, and maybe where it is from as well. But nothing puts that to the test like being on a tasting panel at a special event, which forces you to take your focus up a notch or two, as well as seeing how your palate compares to other acknowledged experts.
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