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Did you know that Northwest wine consumers usually associate higher acidity Rose wines with a higher mouth appeal / taste?

There you have it. The bottom line handed to you in the first paragraph. But why is the information useful to a winery? Afterall, your wine style is your wine style. No matter what data says, few wine producers are willing to shift their wine style just because consumers say so. Logistically and practically such shifts may also not be possible.

What the data tells us, is that when consumers in the Northwest region taste a set of competitive Rose wines, their preference in terms of mouth appeal tends to go towards products that leave them with an an impression of higher acidity.

Is this pattern the same in the markets you care about? Does the acidity in your Rose wine lend itself to a specific group of consumers in a particular part of the country? If it did, how would the information impact where you focus your sales and marketing efforts? Would it impact your warehousing and inventory allocations? Can your sales team use the data to prove to retail buyers that your wine is preferred with the local consumer base? How do any of these adjustments and use of data potentially impact the P&L?

The power of consumer sensory data lies in your ability to think about its application to the business, from different angles. Not just from a wine style point of you. Marketing, packaging and branding, positioning, sales collateral and training, and messaging included. Even pricing. When you discover an affluent state or city likes your Rose more than your key competitor wines that are priced higher, is that an opportunity you can capitalize on?

Get deeper into Rose data research findings and experience an interactive preview of the some of the consumer sensory feedback we cover in the latest report from Quini, in our new report: ROSE WINE – Consumer Sensory Study of Top Household Name Rose; Northwest, 2021. the report is available for purchase online for USD $995.

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Community Profile Impact on Decision Making in The Wine Making Business

It is interesting to look at wine consumers in specific areas of the world, down to the state or city level, to see how drinker tastes and impressions of wine differ.

When we analyze sensory data and consumer profiles in Scottsdale, AZ, we find that drinkers there identify with an extremely low level of alcohol in major Chardonnay household name products. Do they prefer them more if so, or not?

When this insight is combined with a deeper dive on age groups and gender preferences, and a competitive product benchmark set, the insight can directly influence some of your key business, product style, distribution (e.g. explore additional markets that are similar in their consumer profile to Scottsdale) or marketing and positioning decisions. It can also provide stats your sales team can take to the trade to prove your product superiority or advantage, versus key competitors and brands, based on third party verified research.

The full interactive analytics report, Chardonnay, North America 2021 is now available at this link for US $1395.00. Covers 44 popular Chardonnay wines and 4146 consumer reviews with sensory and behaviour data included. Extreme value for winery teams to make more profitable decisions. Every tweak in the right direction counts.

Take a look at a few of the other findings covered in this report, in this interactive preview.

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E-Commerce Delivered Solution Levels The Playing Field for Wineries With Accessible, High Value Consumer Insight

VANCOUVER, BC – July 08, 2021 – Quini® (, the leader in consumer sensory data solutions for the wine industry has added QUINI DATA™ Bronze to its data solutions portfolio.

Instantly downloadable from Quini’s website, QUINI DATA Bronze offers innovative, interactive analytics reports that focus on single market segments and categories such as a grape varietal, wine type, demographic consumer groups and geographic markets.

The Bronze solution delivers highly targeted insight at an accessible price point, ensuring wineries of virtually any size around the world who need to better understand the North American wine consumer, can access Quini’s unique consumer sensory data to enhance decision making accuracy and speed.

“One winery at a time, we have been helping the wine industry to transition from a producer-centered market to a consumer oriented one,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s CEO. “QUINI DATA Bronze is a path to accelerating this transition by helping wineries of any size to affordably access Quini data to make more precise decisions, fast. The idea that consumer research is out of reach, is time consuming or is just for the very large wineries, should no longer be an obstacle. More wineries can now become data driven.”

Four initial reports have been released today, offering consumer sensory and attitudinal feedback on several popular wine varietals and types. The reports revolve around household brands primarily in the $10 to $30 dollar price range and include:

CHARDONNAY – Consumer Sensory Study of Top Household Name Chardonnay; North America, 2021

PINOT NOIR – Consumer Sensory Study of Top Household Name Pinot Noir; North America, 2021

RED BLEND – Consumer Sensory Study of Top Household Name Red Blend Wines; North America, 2021

ROSE – Consumer Sensory Study of Top Household Name Rose Wines; Northwest, 2021

Website visitors can choose from a set of reports by tapping the See Interactive Experience button in the Bronze solutions area on the home page. Users can tap or click on any report to experience an interactive sample and read more about what is in the report, before making a purchase.

The reports include multiple analytics dashboards with a macro view related to the subject of the report. Included as well are product-specific sensory analysis dashboards covering dozens of household name national and international wine brands, with consumer feedback on those products in several key markets in North America.

Attitudinal insight covering consumer expectations prior to tasting a product, price sentiment and willingness to recommend a wine complete the high value reports. Sensory analysis and competitive benchmarks show consumer product preferences and highlight aspects of a wine that boost or drag it down. The insight is designed to help answer both business and product related questions, to help eliminate guesswork from critical decisions. Such as vintage profile consistency, what makes a certain well known product as successful, if a wine appeals more to a certain demographic, if consumer perception of a product may point to a marketing, branding or public relations challenge, if a product meets consumer expectations, if a shift in style or even colour is advantageous, or why a brand has been consistently losing sales.

“The Bronze solution is for wine marketers and industry stakeholders who need answers right now on a specific category, product or issue, leveraging data that is already in Quini’s systems,” added Noujeim.

QUINI DATA Bronze complements Quini’s portfolio that includes a Gold annual subscription solution and a Silver custom research project product.

With the initial reports priced starting at US $995, QUINI DATA Bronze releases the feedback of hundreds of consumers and thousands of deep, rich wine reviews on dozens of wine products, for a fraction of the cost of traditional consumer research that can average in the tens of thousands of dollars for a three focus group research with 8 people each.

Concluded Noujeim: “By removing the cost obstacle, we have significantly expanded our market to include virtually all wineries, distributors, agents, retailers, industry associations and the media.” “I look forward to helping more companies transition into data driven organizations that look to facts for answers about sales declines, logistics optimization, pricing strategy, positioning, competitive threats, or wine style and demographic market opportunities.”

Today’s announcement follows Quini’s recent release of its new website, which for the first time integrates e-commerce capabilities.

Quini is the leader in near real-time wine sensory data and technology solutions. Privately held, Quini is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. The Quini project is co-funded by CMF (Canada Media Fund). The Quini Data platform is co-funded by the National Research Council through the IRAP program. Quini’s investor group includes OKR Financial ( and private investors.

Media Contact:

Roger Noujeim, CEO


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Focus on Core Data Business and New E-Commerce Capability Enhance Customer Experience and Support Growth Plans

VANCOUVER, BC – June 21, 2021 – Quini® (, the leader in consumer sensory data solutions for the wine industry today unveiled its brand new website. The site is designed to allow visitors to more efficiently navigate and understand Quini’s product offerings.

Prospective data clients can experience Quini’s unique sensory data analytics through an interactive experience accessed on the new site home page.

The site is fully responsive across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, to accommodate for the various ways prospects and customers access Quini applications.

“Our mission is to provide our customers with valuable, unique data and technology solutions that improve their business and increase their sales and profitability,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s CEO. “The new reflects this commitment and centers the visitor experience around our core enterprise data solutions.”

Additionally, and for the first time, e-commerce capabilities have been built into The new functionality supports Quini’s plans for new services the company expects to announce during the next quarter.

The new site continues to house the company’s web-based, universal wine tasting and rating application, Quini. Quini can be used on any connected device, at no charge and without having to download the app from an app store.

Winery, Liquor retail and restaurant enterprise customers will continue to access their QUINI SOMM™ digital wine menu and staff training platform accounts by logging in on the new site