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One of the great outcomes of wine is the people you get to meet. The benefits multiple when you get to travel and taste wines with people all over.

At one of our recent tastings in Brooklyn, New York, we met Ronald Dorsey, creator of the One Bottle At A Time podcast. One thing is for sure, Ronald asks good questions and is quite engaging.

Perhaps it is skill, or maybe Ronald’s passion for wine that drives him to want to find out as much as he can. Afterall, the wine industry is currently experiencing an important shift. Moving away from being market driving, to more of a market-driven business.

This transition, capitalizing on sensory market research and data-driven decision making, stands to support growth in an industry that is getting more creative and certain about figuring how to reignite the business.

Ronald caught up with Quini’s head of sales, Patrick Stansfield last week, ahead of one of our many consumer tastings taking place in in New York for some of our winery clients. The conversation covered wine, data, tasting, the new focus on deep understanding of the consumer, and Quini.

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By: Paul Vigna, Editor, WIN ADVISOR
November 23, 2021

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The wine industry is constantly faced new trends, challenges, and the pressure to stay ahead of the competition. With that, comes the opportunity to innovate. 

Each year Wine Industry Advisor recognizes five wine industry innovators—not just for their impressive ingenuity or technical advances—but because of how their product and/or service betters the North American wine industry. 

When you boil down why Quini could be highly successful, it comes down to the wine sensory data and analytics company being able to level the playing field for producers.

“You no longer have be to be a winery the size of E. & J. Gallo or have your own sensory lab for you to have world-class research capabilities,” says Roger Noujeim, Quini’s CEO.

The firm, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, unveiled the industry’s first integrated near real-time sensory data and sales analytics platform at the 2020 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. Its success has netted one of Wine Industry Network’s WINnovation awards for 2021.

Noujeim says what’s exciting about Quini’s B2B model is that “we are helping wineries to answer business and product questions through what is commonly understood as consumer sensory research, in around one-third of the time and cost of traditional research.”

Quini Product Demonstration—On Demand Consumer Sensory Data
Quini Product Demonstration—On Demand Consumer Sensory Data

This platform and its faster access to valuable information at an affordable price has allowed producers to remove what has been three big barriers to using consumer research.

One of those, Noujeim says, is that many winemakers make the wine primarily based on their expertise and taste rather than consumer opinion. “The focus on the end consumer has never been up there in terms of really understanding them,” he says, adding that the process is beginning to change as more producers start to hire consumer-centered marketing professionals with major wine or CPG company experience such as Gallo, Procter & Gamble, and others.

A second hurdle has been the length of time it has taken, as much as several months, for answers to the consumer research to come back. What also has been a difficult workaround has been the cost, as much as $20,000 or more just for three or four focus groups, “and that deliver only snapshot-in-time answers to your questions,” Noujeim says. “That’s it. It stops. And here’s the important thing to remember: The value of data in a snapshot research is mostly relevant to the specific research and often starts to degrade right after the data is acquired.”

With Quini’s integrated system and infrastructure, producers can get their answers in three to four weeks rather than several months and from an aggregation of larger consumer audiences.

“Instead of putting people to manually organize research for a client project, we created a model with consumer panels running regularly in all the client’s key markets,” Noujeim says.

In addition, the data capture and reporting is automated, so developing the research is virtually instant and if the tasting is done in the evening, the client has the interactive analytics on their laptop in the morning. The unique data capture software, report delivery and consumer reach, he says, “has significantly cut down the time a winery needs to get answers and hugely reduces the cost.”

The data can be pinpointed to the specific needs of the producers, from answering the ‘why’ behind sales declines and evaluating product cannibalization risks to understanding millennial consumer or regional market preferences.

“We found that every winery has a different business or product question on the CEO’s or owner’s mind,” Noujeim says. “The data they acquire is so deep and rich, it can help you to quickly answer and move on from a lingering question while the value of that data and insight compounds and increases over time as new, regularly incoming data is added.”

Paul Vigna


All WINnovation Award winners will be exhibited at Wine Industry Network’s WINExpo at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on December 2, 2021, where they will also receive their official award and highlighted in the program guide. Register here

Watch the virtual award reception here.

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WINnovation Awards Recognize The Most Innovative Industry Suppliers And Service Professionals

VANCOUVER, BC – November 18, 2021 – Quini® (, the leader in consumer sensory data and analytics solutions for the wine industry, has been recognized by Wine Industry Network with the WINnovation 2021 Award.

WINnovation is an annual award presented to five of the most innovative wine industry suppliers and service professionals. The award recognizes organizations for ground-breaking products or practices and positive contributions toward the advancement of the North American wine industry.

“There’s a growing awareness of the importance of quality data for making sound business decisions, but acquiring the right data and interpreting it can be a costly challenge. That’s why we believe Quini’s solution to making consumer sensory data accessible to more wine businesses is an important innovation for the industry,” says Kim Badenfort, Editor, Wine Industry Advisor.

“I am honoured to receive the WINnovation Award on behalf of our visionary founders, staff and investors,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s chief executive office. “I would also like to thank our clients. Winery professionals who have recognized Quini’s unique ability to deliver answers to critical business and product questions using sensory data, more quickly and cost efficiently than traditional practices and research models.”

Quini clients include top 25 US and Canadian wine producers, as well as fast growing small and medium sized wineries. The company’s flagship platform, QUINI DATA™, is an annual subscription SaaS solution that delivers user friendly analytics to the executive desktop, for answers on-demand. Quini also provides project-based data solutions, and interactive sensory data reports available for purchase on the company’s website.

Quini is the leader in near real-time wine sensory data and technology solutions. Founded in 2013, Quini is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Quini’s investor group includes OKR Financial ( and private investors.


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Solution Providers To Discuss breakthrough Tools and Ideas To Help Advance The Wine Industry

Quini’s CEO Roger Noujeim will join a panel of technology solution leaders to discuss new tools and technologies being used by wine producers today to optimize revenue growth and profitability.

The webinar, presented by the Wine Market Council, is set for Thursday November 4th at 10:00 AM PDT.

As the leading company specializing in consumer sensory data and analytics for the wine industry, Quini’s CEO will reveal actionable insight about the US wine consumer on multiple top selling grape varietals.

Roger will also share real customer case studies that showcase the various ways consumer sensory data has and can be used in a winery to make more precise decisions fast.

The panel will be led by wine Market Council president Dale Stratton and Christian Miller, director of research.

Panel speakers also include Andrew Levy of Provi (, Marc Felishhacker of Resonant Technology (, and Paul Mabray of Pix Wine (

Anyone interested in attending the webinar may email Sherri Fidel at for a link to register.

More information about Wine Market Council can be found at

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