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The ability to seamlessly upsell wine is not just a skill but an essential component of delivering exceptional service. With QUINI SOMM, this art of upselling transcends traditional boundaries, empowering restaurant staff to effortlessly elevate the dining experience from day one on the job. Even amidst concerns of staff churn in the industry, QUINI SOMM stands out as a game-changer, delivering significant return on investment by enabling even new staff to master the art of upselling wines.

Mastering Effortless Upselling with QUINI SOMM:

Accessible Knowledge Base: Using handy technology, staff gain instant access to a wealth of knowledge about each wine on the list. Detailed tasting notes of their wines, curated by experienced sommeliers, provide insights into flavor profiles, aromas, and ideal pairings. New staff members can leverage this accessible knowledge base to confidently recommend wines to patrons, regardless of their experience level.

Dynamic Wine Lists: QUINI SOMM’s dynamic wine lists enable managers and sommeliers to strategically position wines based on various factors of their choice. This real-time adjustment ensures that staff are always directed towards recommending wines that improve service and maximize revenue potential, without additional effort.

Seamless Integration: Integrating QUINI SOMM into the upselling process requires minimal effort from staff. The intuitive interface allows even new hires to navigate through wine lists effortlessly, making informed recommendations based on patrons’ preferences and meal selections.

Enhanced Training Efficiency: Training new staff members on wine knowledge and upselling techniques can be time-consuming. However, with QUINI SOMM, the learning curve and, importantly, timeline, is significantly reduced. New hires can quickly familiarize themselves with the platform, enabling them to effectively upsell wines from their first day on the job.

Quick Deployment: QUINI SOMM can be put to work in one day, accelerating a restaurant’s path to increased wine sales. A turnkey solution that supports the manager or sommelier’s goals virtually without demanding any of their time. Staff training on the effective use of the platform, delivered by Quini, further amplifies results.

Actionables for Implementation:

  • Incorporate QUINI SOMM into the onboarding process for new staff members, providing hands-on training and guidance on utilizing the platform effectively.
  • Encourage ongoing engagement with QUINI SOMM’s resources, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement among staff members.
  • Monitor the performance of new staff members in upselling wine, providing feedback and support to ensure their success in leveraging QUINI SOMM to its fullest potential.
  • Highlight the role of QUINI SOMM in maximizing return on investment by empowering staff members to excel in wine sales from day one on the job.

With QUINI SOMM as a cornerstone of their training and development strategy, restaurants can equip new staff members with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in upselling wine, driving revenue growth and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Quini Team

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