By Quini Team November 27, 2019 Comments Off on Wine Recommendations and Training Platform QUINI SOMM™ Solves Consumer Intimidation and Hospitality Staff Knowledge Gap with Enhanced Search

New natural language search enables consumers and wine and hospitality professionals to generate wine recommendations with even greater ease

VANCOUVER, BC – November 27, 2019 – Today, Quini® ( announced an upgrade to its breakthrough wine recommendations, training and customer engagement solution, QUINI SOMM™. Integrated natural language search now allows users to narrow down a long list of wines to suit their needs or taste, even more quickly.

The new functionality is designed to help wine and hospitality industry professionals to speed up service, improve guest experience and accelerate wine sales.

Critically, the upgrade also targets consumer intimidation with wine, frequently triggered by the extensive options that consumers face in liquor stores and restaurants. The cloud-based system is easy to deploy in retail stores, winery tasting rooms and restaurants, to help take consumers from confused to confident, in seconds, using their own smartphones or store tablets.

“In today’s connected world, giving customers amazing wine experiences shouldn’t be hard. Customer facing hospitality and retail staff should also have world class tools that give them more confidence with wine, from day one on the job, not weeks or months later,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s chief executive officer. “Wine consumers should also no longer feel overwhelmed, no matter how many wines are in front of them. Buying wine should instead be fun and easy. This is precisely what QUINI SOMM™ delivers.”

Added Noujeim: “Integrated into wine industry staff training programs and as a support tool for staff on the sales floor, QUINI SOMM™ can make a significant impact on productivity, customer experience, wine sales and staff retention. The entire wine selection and buying dynamic can now go from the typical uncomfortable conversation, to an engaging, pleasant experience for the customer and staff serving them.”

The new QUINI SOMM™ wine finder search box leverages the Elasticsearch RESTful search & analytics engine, combined with Quini’s proprietary wine database, rich wine reviews and tasting notes, including the restaurant or retail store’s own.

The upgrade also includes a more fluid and intuitive implementation of the Quini wine tasting and rating application, to help users create and share their own Quini wine reviews more efficiently, within the vendor’s page they are browsing.

To schedule a demonstration of the QUINI SOMM™ platform with enhanced search, please contact