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Taste Wines Like A Pro and Remember Them All

Every day is a good day for vino. But the turn of the year sure gets wine and food festivals going. From Dine Out Vancouver and the California Wine Fair, to the world renowned Vancouver International Wine Festival and EAT!, another major event held in Vancouver, wine tasting enthusiasts everywhere are in for a treat this spring. But extravaganzas of magnitude can be overwhelming with hundreds or even thousands of wines poured, and at times tens of thousands of people attending.

How do you navigate the maze of stunning wines, excited wine representatives and droves of winos moving from table to table?

Everyone will seem to be trying to squeeze in as many wine tastings as they can. But when you look closely, you’ll notice some people doing things differently. They’re the ones who may have figured things out. Afterall, sipping on wine is great. But fully enjoying each wine, remembering the ones you enjoy and more importantly why you enjoyed them is where the true payoff comes in. Afterall, many of those wines may not be regularly available for sale in your city. And no, a photo of the label won’t cut it either. By the time you hit wine #5, you’ve likely forgotten what the first one tasted like. Focus instead on learning more about your palate.

So we put together a few ideas to help you taste wine like a pro, and remember them all at the event and afterwards. Best, you’ll discover what grape varietals, wine types, wine regions and wineries best suit your palate. Yes, that’s possible. But like everyting in life, we get out of it what we put into it. In the case of wine tasting, clear intention to expand one’s knowledge, and some effort.

Have A Plan – You’ll Feel In Control

Review the wine list in advance, online, or at the show, then create a wish list on your wine app or the event booklet.

Be Selective – Your Palate Is Unique

Taste many regions, countries & wine types, but avoid those you don’t like. If very sweet wines don’t appeal to you, tell the rep.

Be Consistent – Use Five Standard Steps

Taste & evaluate each wine by eye, nose, mouth, finish, & opinion.

Taste Judiciously – It’s Not A Race

Take your time and taste fewer wines. Better to enjoy 20 wines fully than rush through 50 and forget them.

Take Notes – It’ll Help You Remember

A simple star rating or photo won’t do much to expand your palate or remind you exactly what you experienced with each wine. Quini does: use it on your phone or tablet.

Quini Team

Quini Team

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