By Roger Noujeim March 26, 2020 Comments Off on High Impact, Low Cost Virtual Wine Tasting

Mere weeks ago, the concept of virtual wine tasting was reserved to wineries, wine clubs and liquor retailers who operate with consistent eagerness to be first, passion for innovation, and capacity and willingness to invest in new ideas. Most others were busy with the traditional, day to day operation of their business.

Today, in the covid era, virtual wine tasting has become critical to keeping customers engaged. Those already set up with the right systems have a great advantage. Others are now scrambling.

The editor of a large wine magazine wrote to me yesterday saying: “We focused on virtual wine tasting using video and social media because the many, many wineries I’ve spoken with are scrambling to keep their customers engaged, and at as low a cost as possible.”

We at Quini hear you loud and clear.


Virtual wine tasting, delivered properly, is an effective strategy to engage customers, grow your brands, promote loyalty, improve wine club retention and expand the membership base. It fuels your high margin DTC business and is extremely effective for training staff and the trades. The right tools should also generate massively valuable sensory data in near real-time, which you can leverage to optimize many areas of your business.


During these times of social distancing, your customers would likely appreciate the chance to engage with their favourite winery or wine club, from home. It gives them a chance to socialize while they learn and expand their experience with wine.

A well run virtual wine tasting must however ensure that the most important part of the event, the wine tasting itself, is also digital. Video and social media are a start, but they are generic tools.

“Today’s digitally wired consumers want more.” RN

Consumers are looking for ways to get more involved, beyond just watching you on video and or speaking with others in a digital room. They want to be ‘engaged’ in the wine tasting experience.

Quini adds extra value to your virtual wine tastings, by providing a fun, hands-on, bi-directional experience for participants. Tasters can compare ratings with one another, follow others with similar tastes, share how they rated your wines, on social media, and build their own taste profile to help them choose wines better in the future.

The sensory data and feedback tasters provide help you to better understand your wine club likes and preferences, so you can later offer different propositions and promotions to match each consumer’s individual taste.

There is a silver lining in every situation.

Now is the time to stand head and shoulders above your competition, captivate your audience and show them how fun virtual wine tasting can be.

We’re to help too. So we made our QUINI SOMM™ platform, likely the world’s most sophisticated virtual wine tasting system, financially accessible to businesses of virtually any size.

I’d like to invite you to watch this video to learn more and write to to discuss what we’re doing on pricing, to help you get started.

Roger Noujeim

Roger Noujeim


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