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How to Open the Wine Sales Revenue Tap in Your Restaurant to the Full

If you are a restauranteur or a sommelier with an outstanding wine program in play, read on. You are about to discover two simple sure-fire strategies that can make your sales increase faster than ever.


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No matter who we speak to in the full-service restaurant business, the story is the same. Maximizing wine sales is paramount to profitability and financial performance. Well a trained staff is the critical ingredient.

Companies with large budgets and resources are still feeling the pain.

To execute an effective wine training program can be downright overwhelming. No matter how many awards the sommelier or wine director have under their belt. It consumes significant time, energy and money to do right.

It’s the ultimate catch 22.

“Without effective wine knowledge and confidence, the team’s ability to sell and upsell wine is compromised.”

This hurts the bottom line.

One of our clients in Vancouver, BC tells us that no matter what they tried, staff would not promote the feature wines.

The client is frustrated. The restaurant invests massive resources for a profitable wine list. They run compelling staff incentives, conduct regular training and tastings and spare no effort to support and encourage their staff on shift. Yet the team remains hung up on taking customer orders, ignoring the upside opportunity.

“Upselling and promoting wine is where real revenue and profit upside sits.”

In part two of this series we will explore this opportunity cost and how to spot typical gaps in your restaurant.

Hint: It is massive, and we share real QUINI SOMM™ client dollar figures.

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Roger Noujeim

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