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Quini’s growing roster of winery clients know that success is achieved with information.

Data is intelligence. A means to an edge. The advantage a wine brand needs to gain market share and win against competitors. To target a market more effectively, to the right audience, at the right price, at optimal margins. To reduce risk, pre-empt issues and ensure cash and critical assets are wisely invested. To help sales teams pitch with unbiased data and facts to support the brand story, when everyone else too has a story.

Data is deep knowledge of your customer. A way to their hearts that builds loyalty and affinity for the brand.

The path is to ask your consumers the right questions, and listen. Intently, regularly.

This is why more wineries are increasingly relying on Quini data. Sensory and qualitative. To get more accurate answers to business, marketing, sales and product questions, faster. To pre-empt issues before the big dollars are spent. To figure the price elasticity of a product when inventory is low and upside seems capped. To gauge if smoke from wild fires has terminally tainted crops or if consumers actually enjoy the flavour.

QUINI DATA™ clients realize that more effective marketing and budgets must today incorporate a market research component. That teams must have the right skillset on board. Appreciating that research is critical to on-going decision making, not an afterthought. A reality big CPG and large winery brands figured decades ago.

In a nutshell, here is what QUINI DATA is (watch product video).


We collect data by conducting in-person, virtual, guided and self-guided wine tastings across North America and Australia, using our proprietary Quini wine rating application. We then use proprietary algorithms and machine learning to analyze the data and extract the information you require, for your target audiences and markets, in near real-time.


Our technology enables us to hold both blind and regular tastings. Blind tastings provide consumer sensory feedback that’s not influenced by label or price point, while regular tastings also provide insights on brand/product expectations and price sentiment.


Perhaps you want to reinforce a business decision with a relatively small group equivalent to 3 traditional focus groups of around 20 wine drinkers. Or you need to pull the trigger on a major business strategy, and need 100, or 1,000, consumer opinions. Quini easily scales to meet demand, and delivers results in near real-time.


Quini delivers value unlike any other solution. Through our proprietary platform, we gather 30+ sensory and attitudinal data points on every wine tasted. You’ll have precise details at your fingertips, including sweetness, tannins, alcohol and acidity, color, flavor, aroma, price sentiment, and willingness to recommend a wine. Each characteristic is color-coded so your team clearly sees what’s working, and what needs to improve. Through the depth and consistency of Quini Data, along with our in-house algorithms, you can also discover commonalities in consumer perceptions, helping you make better decisions, reduce risk and direct both resources and investments with greater precision.


For months now Quini has been providing qualitative studies as a valuable add-on service too. At times a winery may want to evaluate a label versus another. Study brand awareness, understand consumer perception and sentiment. Or measure the market share a new product can grab from competitive products. Price elasticity studies also provide significant information to drive your pricing strategy. In short, customized in-person and online surveys to answer virtually any question a winery executive might have.

To set up a product demonstration with our sales team, please email us at

Quini Team

Quini Team

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