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We recently released the QUINI DATA™ Bronze solution. A series of interactive analytics reports that give wineries and wine executives affordable, instant access to answers on specific subjects. The reports can be viewed, experienced and purchased on our website. Our most recent report published a few days ago, is SPARKLING – Consumer Study of Top Household Name Sparkling Wines – Northwest 2021.

The report covers 27 sparkling wines that are popular in the Pacific Northwest. It includes feedback from 140 wine tasters who purchase wine at least 24 times per year, with over 600 invidual reviews completed using Quini. The products covered and benchmarked side by side include Monster Vineyards, Segura Viudas, Bailly Lapiere Cremant, See Ya Later, Mionetto, Mumm Napa, Villa Teresa, Emotivo, Veuve D’argent, Henkell Trocken, Freixenet, Gray Monk, Cupcake, Sperling, Lanson, Ex Nihilo, and Ferrari Brut.

Don’t expect a traditional report with a pretty cover page, a lot of text, static images of charts, and key bullet points. Rather, you will be able to engage in a more immersive interactive experience unlike any wine report you may have seen in the past. Prepare to dive deep, use filters to ask a wide array of questions, get instant answers, and connect dots from various parts of the report to your business issues and inquiries.

Here are some key findings from the report:

1. Wine consumers who feel higher tannins or drying effect in a sparkling wine tend to rate the product below the overall average, compared to less dry products.

2. French, Italian and U.S. sparkling wines are among the top rated by consumers, in that order. Canada follows. Australia, Germany and Spain rank in the bottom three, but just based on the products analyzed in this report. Generally, there are many category leading products from several of these great wine making nations.

3. White flowers is the most recorded flavour by local consumers, in sparkling wine. Fruity and floral follow closely. Are these flavours associated with high ratings you might ask? That is what the report is there for.

4. The top sparkling wine product in the benchmarked set happens to be a Canadian brand from the Okanagan, BC wine region of Penticton. So France and Italy, beware.

5. The top rated sparkling wine varietals as judged by consumers are:

Moscato Bianco;
Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier blend;
Macabeo, Parellada and Xarelo blend; and,

6. 44 percent of the wines tested saw their aroma ranked as the least liked aspect of the wine. Aroma as such dragged down consumer scores of these wines. The report can show you which consumer groups were affected the most by aromas and flavours, and how your wine or your competitions wines fared in this regard.

Price: USD $995

Take an interactive tour of this report.

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