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The title of this article may be about the Quini WineUp program, but in reality it should be How To Become A Smarter Wine Shopper Overnight by Attending a Local Quini WineUp. Read on.

Think tech and wine in one swoop. A far-fetched thought not long ago.

Tonight is a big night for Quini in the USA. Quini fan and wine marketing pioneer Mark Lenzi of Franklin Liquors and Wine Club in Franklin, MA will hold Quini’s very first Quini WineUp this evening. About an hour from now actually.

Note: The event was a superb success and here are photos posted by Franklin Liquors from the event.

Imagine around 30 winos gathering to taste a number of wines, all using the Quini wine tasting and rating system on their personal smartphone, tablet or computer.

The biggest reason why this is exciting is that a WineUp gets wine enthusiasts of all experience levels anywhere in North America (to start) to come together to discover new wines and their personal palates at the same time. And it’s the launch event in the USA. The events are fun but their core benefit is turning intimidation about wine into confidence, no matter who the person is, overnight.

Never has technology played such a deep role in helping wine consumers discover what suits their taste as fast and as accurately as Quini does. The idea is simply to show everyone that they too can start to pick wines they will enjoy at stores or restaurants. Without letting a decade (or more) and thousands of dollars of hard earned money go by to get there, if ever.

Using a fun wine app, people can now leverage their own feedback about wines they taste, to instantly build a personal Taste Profile in their Quini account. A Quini Taste Profile isolates types of grapes, wineries and regions that better match a person’s taste better than others. Armed with this knowledge, one becomes a smarter wine shopper (and conversationalist) literally after a single flight of wines. Without having to remember the name of a single wine either.

The more a wine enthusiast uses Quini to taste and review wines, the more refined the information in their Taste Profile becomes and the more they get to enjoy their wine picks. And once and for all, without anyone’s help. A taste Profile can be accessed in one’s account using an iPad, tablet or a computer.

What else is there to a WineUp?

WineUp group leaders can be pros or plain wine tasting enthusiasts, wine consultants or wine educators, or winos whose friends and family come to them for wine advice. They can be someone who loves wine and likes to get together with others to hold wine parties and wine tastings. Except in a WineUp, the leader goes beyond getting people together for fun or to learn things they’ll forget right after. They get to help everyone get better at understanding wine, taste wine properly and get smarter at buying wine.

The most active Quini WineUp group leaders get entered to join a WineUp VIP wine tour grand prize from Quini once a year along with a guest. So do highly engaged group members (pls. email for the rules).

Along the way, upon reaching certain milestones, groups receive from Quini fabulous wines to taste together that they simply cannot get at a local store. So do group leaders.

Kudos to Mark Lenzi and Franklin Liquors for their commitment to helping their community, clients and friends discover their palates overnight.

Get your own WineUp going and let’s together drive change by making as many people smarter about buying wine as fast as we can. Everyone wins.

Quini Team

Quini Team

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