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Suvla is a family owned wine producer located in Eceabat, on the historical Peninsula of Gallipoli in Turkey. The region highlights a unique, centuries-long relationship between vine and soil. A young brand launched in 2012, Suvla wines have up until April 2016 garnered 135 national and international medals. With a great product line to match some of the world’s best, expanding into new international markets is a key growth strategy for Suvla.


In wine world, everyone touts a good story. Suvla has one too. But selling a young brand in a new market, from a country locally little known for its wines, presents serious resistance. Especially in a place like British Columbia, recognized for a thriving wine industry, world class restaurants and a discerning, sophisticated consumer. Convincing gate keepers and tough buyers here to give up dear shelf space for Suvla wines, would be tough.

With a good initial start, the team needed more than just a story to dislodge established U.S., Spanish, French, Italian and other popular imports. But getting data of substance would cost thousands and take weeks to pull together. Both concerns Suvla did not entertain. Suvla had the goods. But they needed more. Undeniable proof their wines were superior.


Suvla Canada’s founder Haluk Erenguc decided to back his wine stories with facts, using QUINI DATA™. Using the platform, a blind tasting was set up in minutes. Suvla set out to gather unbiased local consumer feedback on four of Suvla’s wines. To make the case air tight, Quini’s team added two best-in-class ringers: a Rhône blend and a Bordeaux. In a blind tasting, and in real-time, QUINI DATA™ cost-efficiently returned actionable,
favourable data. Suvla’s pitch just went from good to great, and buyers would now get the confirmation they needed to embrace the young brand.


Of the six wines rated using the universal Quini 5-step 0-100 point wine tasting and rating standard, Suvla’s SYRAH RESERVE ranked highest. SIR (Syrah, Merlot, Karazakis, Grenache Blend) was second, then KIRTE (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc Blend). SUR ranked at
par with the two French contenders.

Quini Team

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