By Quini Team May 12, 2020 Comments Off on Covid or No Covid – Here’s How To Cut Customer Wine Buying Time In Half

Helping customers find and purchase the right wine more quickly makes their experience with your store more positive and has significant impact on your productivity and P&L. But with hundreds or thousands of products to choose from, buying wine has never been that easy.

In today’s environment, you may be experiencing lineups outside your store too, making matters worse.

For many reasons, today including health concerns, people want to go in to a store and get out as soon as possible.

A long line at the cashier doesn’t help either. On any day and in any circumstance.

What if you were to come up with some genius concept that helps to cut the wine buying time in your store by half? Yes, by half.

The solution lies in solving the single biggest, most profound problem that consumers have had with buying wine, since the beginning of time.

Narrowing down the giant list of options, to a handful that meet their taste and needs, quickly.

If you’ve already solved this issue, then please share your idea with us. And no, scanning a label with a cool app does not solve that problem. It makes it worse. Scanning a few hundred wines to identify which one(s) to purchase, does not reduce buying time. Arguably, it increases it and no one will want to do it.

What you need to do in order to reduce the time people take to buy wine, is to help them identify exactly which handful of wines they should consider, before they even walk in to the store.

If people are lined up outside the store, give them a QR code to scan and a tool to help them quickly narrow down the choices. So by the time they walk in the store, they know precisely what sections to go to and which wines to ask or look for.


What is that solution you might ask?

It’s called QUINI SOMM™.

A simple, effective software that publishes your store inventory with your tasting notes and food pairings, on your website. With a couple clicks, any visitor to the page can narrow down the inventory to a few wines that suit their dinner plans, personal taste profile and needs.

Eternal problem finally solved. Lineups cut, productivity increased and customer experience through the roof.

The cost? At this time? Well just ask yourself how much it is costing you year round not cutting customer wine buying time in half. Give customers one more reason to shop in your store too, that the store down the street does not yet offer.

Contact us at to set up a product demonstration with our sales team.



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