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Many wineries are diving deeper into the world of data to better understand their markets. In the world of wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is a critical arena where wineries big and small compete for market share.

We looked at the latest QUINI DATA™ interactive consumer sensory report on Cabernet Sauvignon to bring you key insight you can use today.

The report, CABERNET SAUVIGNON – Consumer Sensory Study of Household Name Cabernet Sauvignon – North America 2021, analyzes the feedback of more than 300 consumers, on 34 high volume leading wines, across 5 U.S. States and Western Canada. A total of 3,500 deep, rich wine reviews spell out opportunity for anyone paying attention to what consumers have to say.

While it is not the full report, and we highly recommend you obtain it for your teams, here are some important highlights.

  • On average, male wine drinkers prefer Cabernet Sauvignon more than female consumers.
  • West Coast wine consumers rate Cabernet Sauvignon wines higher than drinkers on the East Coast.
  • Older generations record an impression of longer finish duration on Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Big sellers don’t necessarily mean consumers prefer them or even enjoy drinking them as much as other products. The report names several big sellers with the lowest wine ratings.
  • The majority of Cabernet Sauvignon female drinkers rate the wine’s taste lower than its aroma.
  • Consumers prefer Cabernet Sauvignon wines with relatively higher acidity, higher alcohol, and higher sweetness impressions.
  • Consumers have a negative reaction to a sense of exaggerated tannin in a Cabernet Sauvignon, when compared to other aspects of the wine that together, including sweetness, alcohol and acidity, should work to offer a harmonious balance.
  • Male drinkers, on average, prefer sweeter Cabernet Sauvignon wines than do female drinkers.
  • Gen Z and Millennial consumers prefer ruby colored Cabernet Sauvignon. Gen X and Boomer drinkers lean towards purple shade colored wine.
  • Among the most frequently detected flavours in Cabernet Sauvignon wines, consumers give higher ratings to Oak, Cherry and Rose. Conversely, on average, they tend to dislike Forest Floor, Smoke and Black Pepper.

Purchase or get more information about this report and other QUINI DATA™ Bronze reports, at this link.

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