By Quini Team July 16, 2021 Comments Off on Are Higher Acidity Rose Wines Better?

Did you know that Northwest wine consumers usually associate higher acidity Rose wines with a higher mouth appeal / taste?

There you have it. The bottom line handed to you in the first paragraph. But why is the information useful to a winery? Afterall, your wine style is your wine style. No matter what data says, few wine producers are willing to shift their wine style just because consumers say so. Logistically and practically such shifts may also not be possible.

What the data tells us, is that when consumers in the Northwest region taste a set of competitive Rose wines, their preference in terms of mouth appeal tends to go towards products that leave them with an an impression of higher acidity.

Is this pattern the same in the markets you care about? Does the acidity in your Rose wine lend itself to a specific group of consumers in a particular part of the country? If it did, how would the information impact where you focus your sales and marketing efforts? Would it impact your warehousing and inventory allocations? Can your sales team use the data to prove to retail buyers that your wine is preferred with the local consumer base? How do any of these adjustments and use of data potentially impact the P&L?

The power of consumer sensory data lies in your ability to think about its application to the business, from different angles. Not just from a wine style point of you. Marketing, packaging and branding, positioning, sales collateral and training, and messaging included. Even pricing. When you discover an affluent state or city likes your Rose more than your key competitor wines that are priced higher, is that an opportunity you can capitalize on?

Get deeper into Rose data research findings and experience an interactive preview of the some of the consumer sensory feedback we cover in the latest report from Quini, in our new report: ROSE WINE – Consumer Sensory Study of Top Household Name Rose; Northwest, 2021. the report is available for purchase online for USD $995.

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