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April 4, 2020

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Important for wine lovers and Israeli wineries

I recently became acquainted with a new Canadian site dedicated to tasting wines and presenting the results in an innovative, and unique way, for others to be impressed with the wines that have been tasted and rated.

When you enter the site and want to participate in activities and share delicious experiences, you have to register by clicking, here.

Quini was created by people who love wine. The creators’ stated aspiration is to bring together people who want to enjoy wine more, learn about tasting, develop their skills and find fine wines through enthusiasts and their recommendations, around the world.

Quini was developed with a team of wine tasting, design and interactive architecture experts, including wine experts who helped to design a set of descriptive criteria and terminology to ensure depth and accuracy of taste and appearance reporting.

In this way, the tasting process will be accessible to everyone, but rigorous enough to satisfy the wine professionals.

Quini works on a mobile phone or connected computer without having to download an app from the app stores.

Video showing the ways of setting the tasting wine in a modern and easy way:

Quini offers two solutions. One for wine lovers and tasters and the other for winery marketing professionals who want to promote their wines from Israeli wineries, in Israel and around the world, among other things through online virtual tasting.

Israeli wines that have been tasted so far and appear on the site:

Nathan Barber, Israeli resident in Canada who works for QUINI, explains briefly to Israeli wineries and wine marketers, a aspect of the platform being designed to help organize and increase sales of favorite wines:

Since the Corona virus came into our lives, we have been working with wineries from around the world to go online for wine tasting so that they can communicate with their clientele and provide them with a fun and fulfilling experience even in the limiting state we are in until an unknown end date. More Israeli wineries are invited to join.

These days, online wine tasting is the best and closest way to interact with customers in Israel and around the world. However, we understand that just watching a live video and tasting online doesn’t always bring customers to the level of depth and depth of the tasting experience in the winery, and they are looking to become more active partners in it.

Here our platform comes into the picture, it allows wine drinkers to thoroughly assess the color, smell and taste of each of the wines. We will challenge them with in-depth questions that will make them think and understand, with all their senses, what makes their favorite wines so good.

Assessing the wines through our platform helps users understand for themselves and gain in-depth personal experience as they watch the video and interact with the winery expert. Then, they will be invited to share their assessment on social networks, compare the flavors with other customers, and of course tag the winery brand. All this in a method that is proven to help create high engagement on social networks around the brand.

Another important and important advantage is the compilation, of computerized data,  of the winery’s customer base, in Israel and abroad.

Data collection is a major factor in helping wineries to formulate their current and future marketing plans.

The owners of wineries and distributors, who aim to raise their wine sales, are welcome to check out the website and the promotional videos that appear on it:


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