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By: Kim Badenfort

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ASEV promised that this year’s Unified Wine & Grape Symposium was going to be big, and it was. The trade show stretched across four buildings at the Cal Expo plus an outdoor exhibit area. Even if you went to the symposium and spent both days visiting as many of the seven hundred or so exhibitors as you could, it would be almost impossible to visit everyone, and you may have missed some of these interesting finds from some of the wine industry’s most innovative suppliers.


Integrated Consumer Sensory and Retail Data Analytics

Quini sponsored the regional wine tasting at Unified which offered tasters the opportunity to try the tasting and rating app that Quini uses to gather and analyze consumer sensory data for their winery clients. They also announced their partnership with Nielsen, which means that clients can now cross tabulate consumer sensory data with sales data in near real time. This integration of diverse data offers the possibility of discovering competitive advantages of wines or perhaps why they are failing in the market compared to competing brands.

QuiniThe amount of insights that can be gleaned is truly astonishing, and the Quini team has made it easy to search for data correlations in their user friendly dashboard setups, so that you don’t have to be a data expert to use them. As an example, you might compare your wine to a competitor in the market that’s doing better and find that consumers who tasted both liked your wine better, which should tell you that there’s a marketing rather than a wine quality problem. Another analysis might reveal that consumers like the competing wine better, and when you dive deeper into the sensory data it might show that it is primarily the color or mouthfeel that consumers prefer, and that feedback is invaluable to the winemaking team.


Quini Team

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