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Solution Providers To Discuss breakthrough Tools and Ideas To Help Advance The Wine Industry

Quini’s CEO Roger Noujeim will join a panel of technology solution leaders to discuss new tools and technologies being used by wine producers today to optimize revenue growth and profitability.

The webinar, presented by the Wine Market Council, is set for Thursday November 4th at 10:00 AM PDT.

As the leading company specializing in consumer sensory data and analytics for the wine industry, Quini’s CEO will reveal actionable insight about the US wine consumer on multiple top selling grape varietals.

Roger will also share real customer case studies that showcase the various ways consumer sensory data has and can be used in a winery to make more precise decisions fast.

The panel will be led by wine Market Council president Dale Stratton and Christian Miller, director of research.

Panel speakers also include Andrew Levy of Provi (, Marc Felishhacker of Resonant Technology (, and Paul Mabray of Pix Wine (

Anyone interested in attending the webinar may email Sherri Fidel at for a link to register.

More information about Wine Market Council can be found at

About Wine Market Council Research
Wine Market Council conducts research on the attitudes and behaviors of U.S. wine consumers,
measuring and exploring industry trends from the consumer perspective. It also provides national wine
consumption benchmarks by various segments of the population. The council’s research does not track
individual brands or companies, nor does it measure sales in the wholesale or retail tier or direct to
consumer sector, nor does it score wines in any way. The proprietary research is provided to association
members only.

About Wine Market Council
Wine Market Council was established in 1994 as a non-profit (501c6) trade association whose mission is
to grow and strengthen the wine market in the U.S. on behalf of all segments of the industry by providing
ongoing U.S. wine market research. More information can be found at

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