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By J.D. O’Gara, Franklin LocalTownPages

Franklin Liquors is bringing a cutting edge technology to its local Wine Club. Starting in June, the Franklin Wine Club began integrating “Quini”into the group’s wine education courses. They are the first organization in the state of Massachusetts – and the United States – to do so.

“Quini is moving towards becoming the new standard in wine tasting, especially given the digital, connected world we’re living in”, says Mark Lenzi, CSW, CSS, CWAS and proprietor, Franklin Liquors and Wine Club., a 36-year-old family run business, with his brother, Mike.

“I do a blog on industry news, and I saw that these people had a new way of doing wine education that incorporates technology as you taste and takes people through the five steps,” says Lenzi.

Quini, is an interactive wine tasting, rating and recommendations application and data solutions provider ( for use with iPhones, iPads, wireless computers and tablets. With consumers spending more and more time on their mobile devices and computers, Quini is a natural fit and sets the wine education segment on a new course.

Quini announced its school program in May. The program incorporates a comprehensive school partner support package that includes educator training, course materials and certification, technical support and school-branded student study materials and certification. The program is designed to augment and support rather than replace existing wine school curriculums.

The Franklin Wine Club, created by Lenzi through, who’s been teaching a wine course series at its retail location for about eight years, has about 65 to 70 members.

The group began meeting about once a month, but the reception was so positive that Lenzi now holds it about twice a month, most often meeting in the wine room of Franklin Liquors for convenience.

“My whole goal is to educate,” says Lenzi, who says he plans trips for the group as well, to meet local winemakers in the area and more. “There is so much wine, and I like people to see who’s behind it. We’re all families.”

Lenzi says he likes to bring in guest speakers/tasters to appear at meetings, and would love for suppliers, vineyards and winemakers in the area to contact him if they would like to schedule an appearance or share their product.

“We’re excited to partner with progressive thinkers such as Franklin Liquors and Franklin Wine Club to introduce meaningful change to wine education in Massachusetts,” said Roger Noujeim, CEO, Quini. “Mark Lenzi’s experience and visionary approach to the wine business are reflected in his company’s early recognition of the Quini wine tasting standard and the importance of interactive technology in wine education.”

Said Dr. Clinton Lee, DWS, AIWS, FWS, CSW, CSS, Vinoscenti Global CEO and wine program instructor at Simon Fraser University: “Quini introduces an innovative, world class wine tasting system and standard that deepens the learning experience and ensures consistent course delivery and learning.”

For more information about the Franklin Wine Club, visit or, or look for Franklin Wine Club on Facebook.

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