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By: Thomas Pellechia
April 8, 2019

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According to Quini“Companies today spend the majority of their time looking at what happened in the past.”

The Vancouver, Canada-based Quini claims its “consumer sensory and attitudinal feedback about wine, helps to answer the why behind a purchase or sentiment,” and it provides the information via fast and easy digital access.

Quini’s name is from the ancient Latin to depict the concept of “five at a time.” Therefore, Quini integrates consumer-generated data using five levels or modules:

1. Quini Data is a retail social media sharing platform that also encompasses bricks-and-mortar location;

2. Quini Somm dashboard group tasting and research mimics an in-the-field focus group or a survey of people at home;

3. Quini PDN enables wine industry clients to capture and retain data for their own use;

4. Quini App captures over 30 sensory and attitude wine tasting data points;

5. Quini Analytics is a ready-to-use dashboard of optional private data: if consumers consent to sign in through their Google or Facebook account, Quini gathers their profiles, which includes information like generational status, income, residential location, an so on. The the past, to gather such information would eat up weeks and tens of thousands of dollars in traditional research and field studies.

Quini’s chief executive officer, Roger Noujeim says, “For players in the wine space, a solid view of consumption reinforced with real consumer sensory feedback is critical to accurate decision making.” 

In an earlier interview, Noujeim had told me his company’s approach to gathering data is based on leading with consumer preferences rather than following through sales figures or distributor depletion reports. Today’s news is that Quini has teamed with the highly-respected Nielsen’s Connect Partner Network (NCPN), an open tech-driven analysis and solution provider for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers. 

Noujeim now claims, “Quini and Nielsen data in a single platform is a major advance that gives both companies and our joint clients a unique new edge and understanding of the consumer.”

According to Quini, by joining NCPN the company has created “the first market research analytics tool that integrates sensory, attitudinal, and retail sales measurement for wine producers, retailers and distributors.” 

As of April 2019, Nielsen’s point of sale data and Quini’s proprietary sensory and attitudinal data will be linked, at no extra cost. Companies signing on to Quini will receive Nielsen point of sale data which has been embedded within the dashboard, which leads to Quini’s promise of unique on-demand analytics and insight for wine industry professionals to understand not only what happened but also what is happening right now—and why. 

Quini Team

Quini Team

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