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Community Profile Impact on Decision Making in The Wine Making Business

It is interesting to look at wine consumers in specific areas of the world, down to the state or city level, to see how drinker tastes and impressions of wine differ.

When we analyze sensory data and consumer profiles in Scottsdale, AZ, we find that drinkers there identify with an extremely low level of alcohol in major Chardonnay household name products. Do they prefer them more if so, or not?

When this insight is combined with a deeper dive on age groups and gender preferences, and a competitive product benchmark set, the insight can directly influence some of your key business, product style, distribution (e.g. explore additional markets that are similar in their consumer profile to Scottsdale) or marketing and positioning decisions. It can also provide stats your sales team can take to the trade to prove your product superiority or advantage, versus key competitors and brands, based on third party verified research.

The full interactive analytics report, Chardonnay, North America 2021 is now available at this link for US $1395.00. Covers 44 popular Chardonnay wines and 4146 consumer reviews with sensory and behaviour data included. Extreme value for winery teams to make more profitable decisions. Every tweak in the right direction counts.

Take a look at a few of the other findings covered in this report, in this interactive preview.

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