By Quini Team March 7, 2020 Comments Off on Taming The Coronavirus Impact With QUINI SOMM™ Virtual Wine Tasting and Wine Marketing

If people aren’t coming out and travelling as much because of the Coronavirus issue, wineries can initiate virtual wine tasting programs with QUINI SOMM™ to drive engagement, differentiate the brand experience, educate consumers, drive demand and capture critical sensory data at the same time.

Getting creative at this time, even if caused by an unfortunate circumstance we all must face, can in fact be a blessing in disguise. Taking the time to initiate projects that you have perhaps considered but set aside to make time for the typical business and tasks that the high season and traditional cycle brought.

Now you can stretch your business by deploying your new ideas.

Imagine doing VIP tastings with your wine club members. Or even opening the tasting events for others around the country and world who can purchase your wine, to join in from home. To taste your new releases guided by your winemaker, over video. Showing people how to taste wine methodically on their smartphone. Creating, understanding and building their personal taste profile on Quini. Sharing the experience with their friends in their own home while consuming more of your wines, at your indicated time of choice. Giving customers something fun and memorable to do while giving you that level of control and access to new audiences and customers, through creative imagination.

And imagine introducing a social media posting incentive at the end of the tasting, where the audience can click the Facebook or Twitter button in their Quini wine review to auto share with others, putting your band across the web at a time most wineries may be wondering what is to be done in the face of the current situation that we hope is just temporary.

The possibilities are endless, imagination and decisiveness the only parameters required to make such a program a great success.

I’d like to invite you to watch this short informative video, then click the REQUEST INFO form on this page to set up a demo with our team. We’d like to chat and see how we can help.

Thanks for reading.