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I recently read a good article by Vinepair. From our perspective it is great to see industry turn its attention and efforts towards consumer driven wine. But many of the approaches being used, in our opinion, still fall short. The article offers a real example of why asking people questions, to drive what wines to ship to them, does not work as well as one expects from the theory. Not even by analyzing one’s DNA would this objective be achieved. Because palates evolve over time, rendering the reliability of the initial analysis unreliable over time.

But at least smart people are now trying to address this one million dollar question. Investors are starting to see the massive potential of data in helping to address this long standing issue, in this multi-billion dollar industry.

The way we have approached the problem at Quini is to analyze the person’s actual feedback about wine they drank, and keep tracking their tastings going forward, in real-time, with great detailed input. Not just through a handful or data parameters. That can be virtually useless, with a subject as complex as wine.

At Quini we capture and instantly analyze around 50 data points on the wine and drinker, every time they taste a wine. That’s deep, rich sensory and behavioural data the consumer and their suppliers can bank on.

In the future, we will go into a detailed discussion about the back-end predictive and prescriptive analytics, and limitless cross correlations that such data will offer for the first time ever, and what that means to the companies that gain access to such capability.

Here is the article.

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Roger Noujeim

Roger Noujeim

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