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Wine Market Council (WMC) Data reinforces why restaurant managers and wine merchants must engage and educate young staff and patrons on wine with technology. Not that this is less important to the rest of us, but if you are in the restaurant business, it pays to take a close look at some stats in the millennial generation’s wine consumption.

According to WMC, Millennials in the U.S. (now at 80 million all of legal drinking age) consumed the largest number of cases of wine in 2015. 159.6 million vs. 74.5 M cases were consumed by Gen Xers and 114.1 M by the Baby Boomers.

The millennial wine drinking population also grew from 36% to 42%, Gen Xers increased from 18% to 20% and BBs dropped from 34% to 30% (WMC High Frequency Tracking Study Nov. ’15).

Millennials consumed 2.4 glasses per wine drinking occasion vs. 2.1 by Gen Xers, 2.0 by the Baby Boomers and 1.6 by the older generation (WMC ORC Segmentation Survey June ’15).

That’s 20-45 percent more per wine drinking occasion for the younger crowd, which wine merchants and restaurant servers today must be equipped to capitalize on.

Knowing how fluid millennials are with technology, it is paramount to communicate with them and leverage interactive tools they can relate to, which are second nature to them. Let alone on a complex subject such as wine.

And given that this audience is confident with its own go-to resources for information, including wine info, restaurants must ensure wine servers heighten their knowledge and be in a position to make wine recommendations backed by real familiarization and credibility. That’s when the upsell happens – or doesn’t.

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Quini Team

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