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Cab or Pinot

Each of the red wine varietals listed below has its allure and following. Wine is subjective. Many times however, someone goes to a wine shop to buy wine for someone else as a gift, but they don’t know what they might like or not like.

We asked our followers on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter if they knew which type of red wine consumers in the Pacific Northwest would likely prefer the most, out of a small list of well known varietals. We expected someone would know and answer the question. Given that we have many wine professionals in our networks.

We got no answers. Not one.

The real danger – and opportunity – is that industry professionals and retail store staff today may actually not know the answer.

Or, maybe the question was seen as trivial. Not warranting engagement or attention. In either case, there is a huge opportunity to be had.

Clear understanding and access to such wine consumer insight by staff, whether in the liquor retail, restaurant or agency business, can translate into a significant new advantage in the marketplace. This would be staff wine knowledge unlike anything consumers would have had access to in the past.

Companies that care to move on from the top down approach to selling wine, would have finally found the new holy grail to customer loyalty and market differentiation.

Here are the varietals we listed. While all are great wine types, all overall well liked by consumers, can you guess which rank top and bottom amongst consumers?


Cabernet Sauvignon


Pinot Noir



According to QUINI DATA™, Cabernet Sauvignon takes the top spot. The last spot, within this list of options, goes to the movie-made-famous, Pinot Noir.

If you’re wondering where the other varietals rank, or if there is a difference in results between men or women, or if specific age groups shift the results, we need to talk. If you want to know where different red blends rank, or where Sangiovese and Tannat sit, or if things change for data sorted by country of origin, we’d also be happy to talk (

Quini Team

Quini Team

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