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The reasons may be obvious, once we read them. But until data-driven decision making is fully adopted in the wine organization, producer, distributor or retailer alike, glancing past these words without taking action will cost many a company dearly. Until they eventually catch on, as so happens with any new major advance in history. Data science and near real-time visualization is one such.

From freeCodeCamp: How to use Data Science to Understand What Makes Wine Taste Good

Here are the three key reasons for using data science in business, that the post highlights. Being a company that specializes in real-time wine tasting sensory data and analytics, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves:

“Business decisions often rely on lots of intuition and domain knowledge. Now, as data grows larger and larger, it becomes difficult for us to make sense of it. We simply aren’t equipped with the mental faculty to pour over large data-sets filled with tons of information.

The purpose of Data Science is to tell you a story and help you visualize it.

Using it you can:

1- Get a lot of insights from the data that could otherwise go undetected

2- Make faster decisions, because well — computers are faster than humans after all!

3- Eliminate a lot of bias that goes behind decision making.

Throughout history, humans have always been quite prone to letting their feelings and prejudices cloud their judgement…”

If you are a developer in the wine industry, you may want to read the entire post and do the exercise. Very interesting.

If you would like to access our APIs or deep analytics for your company and team, skipping past the coding part and going right to results and visualizations, please start at and drop us a note at to schedule a demo.

The full blog freeCodeCamp post can be accessed at:

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