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Have you been holding up on integrating mobile tools in your wine stores for your staff and customers to use? Do you continue to hold on to the thinking that wine is different and that technology has no place in your store? That wine consumers will continue to drink what the store staff recommend? Or that training your staff is all it takes to succeed?

Read on for some powerful research* findings. Yes, we venture to suggest these stats would apply to wine too, because it’s an even more complex subject than a vacuum cleaner or detergent:

1) 72% of respondents who have dealt with a store associate who uses a mobile device to provide things like product info, credit card checkout, and inventory look-up said it resulted in a better shopping experience.

2) About 83% of shoppers believe they’re more knowledgeable than retail store associates.

3) 79% say being able to engage with knowledgeable store associates is “important” or “very important.”

4) 90% of consumers use their smartphone while shopping in retail stores. 54% to compare prices, 48.4% for product information and 42% for product reviews.

5) Retailers that create high-value, personalized interactions will provide a more satisfying experience for customers. Specifically, in order for retailers to survive and retain market share, they must understand customer wants and needs and then use modern technology in-stores to empower their store associates.

Here is your link to learn how QUINI SOMM delivers all the above benefits for wine retailers, in a single system. Automation to support your staff and customers is the future. It saves time and money, and increases sales productivity.

Talk to us to get started:

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