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QUINI SOMM - Maximize Wine Sales, Improve Efficiencies

Not our headline but one to pay attention to by any full service restaurant operator.

The piece was posted on Toast’s blog and lays out the issues and opportunities clearly and succinctly: And here is why we care:

If you are in the restaurant business, heed Reason #4 discussed in the article.

Kudos to our early adopter restaurant customers for their vision and for adequately motivating the millennial workforce to optimize wine sales and improve staff retention.

Without a well motivated, well trained staff, the wheel keeps spinning in place and wine sales, a critical piece to a restaurant’s profitability and success, is compromised.

Here are the restaurant staff churn stats shared in the article.

In 2016, the turnover rate is 66.7, and it was 72.1 in 2015. Back in 2007, the turnover rate was a whopping 80.7!

Clearly, exploring new and more effective ways to engage restaurant staff and train them is paramount. Especially on high impact areas such as wine sales and enhancing customer trust and loyalty.

Quini Team

Quini Team

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