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I wrote and published this quote around two years ago. The market is now forcing the wine industry to accelerate adoption and focus on virtual wine tasting, video, e-commerce, DTC and everything else that needed to be done years ago. But things were okay, so most of us got stuck with the daily rituals and old ways of doing things. It seemed to work, so why bother. We had time.

What is happening now is a silver lining that from a business sense, everyone will find they are better off from, after all the craziness is over.

Even now though, resisting novel ideas that are different and that stretch our imagination is a risk that we must watch out from.

It will mean that we have yet to learn the lesson.

Stretch your imagination. Invest in new thinking and new ideas. Learn your customers better. Use personal taste profile sensory data to strengthen your DTC business and improve customer loyalty. Be and act ahead of the pack.

Don’t wait to be forced yet again.

Quini Team

Quini Team

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