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One of the greatest opportunities in business is the ability to retain and resurrect dissatisfied customers.

Adding back this base to your loyal customer roster is like creating new business from thin air. Sometimes double the size of your current customer group.

This may sound like a big challenge, but it’s not. Especially in wine world. Customers who once bought your brand are more open to hearing from you and to buying from you again.

The real challenge is figuring out who these customers are. Understandably, dissatisfied customers often move on without notice or noise.

Let’s say ten customers purchase a specific wine. Three decide they’d never buy it again. Three join the 50/50 camp, and four really love it. They would definitely come back for more and tell their friends.

To most companies, this is business as usual. The reality however is that based on this scenario, up to 60 percent of your potential total customer base is lost to the competition. Why would anyone re-purchase a brand of wine on their own volition, if their first tasting experience was bad?

With wine, turning the situation around is easier than you think. Wine is subjective and wineries typically offer multiple product variants. This creates an opportunity to bring back lost customers using alternate products that would suit their palate better.

All you need is a way to capture customer reactions to the wine they buy and taste. If the customer belongs to your wine club or if they collect loyalty points at your store or winery, half the battle is won. You already have their email address and the permission to communicate with them.

Give your customers a tool to rate the wines they buy, with an incentive to do so regularly. Like more rewards points, or entry to a vacation draw for every wine they rate. Most customers will rate a service or product without an incentive. But only if asked by the vendor.

With QUINI DATA™ and near real-time analytics, this feedback will allow your team to identify the customers who are willing to recommend a specific wine to others, and those 60 percent who will likely never buy your brand again.

Additional insight on a customer’s palate and preferences complete the picture.

You can now reach out with a personalized communication recognizing the customers’ dissatisfaction with the wine they bought. Inform them that you are aware of the type of wines they will likely enjoy, and give them a special ‘cannot refuse’ incentive to come back to try another product that you guarantee they’ll love.

You just went from driving blind, losing customers and business, and negatively impacting your brand image, to:

– understanding where your customers truly stand
– knowing which specific customers need immediate attention
– creating new opportunities to regain lost and uncertain customers
– reducing or eliminating reasons for customers to share negative reviews about your wine and brand
– crushing your financial projections

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