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Quini is on the move. We have just relocated to some great new digs on West 8th in Vancouver. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by to say hello. We may even have some wine on hand ;)

The database is growing! We’ve recently added UK wines to our database. Watch for more exciting UK market news in the coming weeks.

New Partner! Quini is proud to partner with to power their New Bottle Experience wine reviews and interactive wine tastings. Be sure to check out their site for some outstanding winemaker profiles, podcasts and wine ratings. We’ll be announcing more partnerships soon, so stay tuned.

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Now sit back and enjoy a few great wine reads to refresh and expand your wine tasting experience. Cheers!


Have you ever stood blindly in front of the French wine section at the local wine shop? Unless you are familiar with the terroir-based French naming conventions, navigating through French wines can be an intimidating task.

In this quick primer to understanding French wine labels, KL Turner provides guidance to turn your French decisions from “je ne comprends pas” to “oui, oui!” Read the full article here.


Wine decisions can be made much more easily if you have a general understanding of the differences and similarities in grape varieties.

Sean Weiderick provides an insightful summary of some of the more common grape varieties and their notable flavor and aroma characteristics.

Read the article here to find out which varieties could satisfy your sweet or savory desires.


Fruit forward, oaked, structured, tannic, acidic – these are all terms used to describe wines. But what exactly do these terms mean in the wine world?

KL Turner assists us with deciphering these terms and other tools of the trade, in this article.

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Quini Team

Quini Team

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