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Deployment to improve wine service and increase sales

VANCOUVER, BC – March 26, 2018 – Quini® ( today announced that Clarkson, Washington-based Roosters Waterfront Restaurant and Bar ( has deployed the QUINI SOMM™ wine program automation software to improve its wine service and increase sales.

Addressing the wine knowledge gap typical of restaurant staff turnover, QUINI SOMM™ now enables Roosters servers to make accurate wine recommendations and food pairings in seconds, irrespective of their wine experience, using smartphones or tablets.

Patrons can also browse Roosters’ interactive wine list on their own phones, and match wine to their taste and dinner plans, easily and confidently, saving Roosters the high cost of tablets for each server or table.

“QUINI SOMM™ is a perfect complement to our wine training program. We can now confidently count on new servers to effectively promote and sell wine right away,” said Roosters’ proprietor, Sam Worrell. “The technology neutralizes a key area of pressure on our margins when new servers start, and helps us to improve the guest experience at the same time.”

Added Worrell: “Quini delivered the solution turnkey with professional tasting notes and food pairings within days, which made the process enjoyable and effortless.”

“Many new servers and restaurant goers aren’t comfortable navigating a wine list or talking wine, especially wines they had never tasted before. So the conversation about wine in many restaurants today is compromised, dragging sales and profits down,” said Quini’s CEO, Roger Noujeim. “With QUINI SOMM™, staff can be more confident and patrons have more reason to engage with wine, starting on the restaurant’s website.”

Roosters’ wine program automation initiative also means that staff no longer waste time looking for wines that have run out.

Wine list changes are done in real-time using any tablet or computer, to eliminate surprises and the cost and time it takes to coordinate website updates with marketing staff or the webmaster.

A multi-wine list capability also allows Roosters to categorize and promote wines strategically.

The system’s unique training functionality helps Roosters to continually expand its staff wine knowledge, while reducing the  scheduling hassles and cost of group training and tasting sessions.

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QUINI SOMM™ is a mobile training, wine list management and guest engagement system with built-in analytics. QUINI SOMM™ is offered as a turnkey solution that includes wine list and professional tasting notes upload, six wine list categories, training and tech support.

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