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Former Microsoft and Tune Executive Brings to Quini Deep Expertise in Big Data and Analytics

VANCOUVER, BC – January 31, 2017 – Quini® (, the leader in real-time wine tasting sensory data and technology solutions, today announced an agreement with business intelligence and analytics veteran Ameer Hashish, to develop Quini’s revolutionary real-time wine data analytics and predictive modelling platform, QUINI DATA™.

Ameer brings to Quini years of senior experience in big data and analytics at Microsoft, AdColony, and Tune where he was head of business intelligence.

As product development engineer and advisor on QUINI DATA™, Ameer will work with the company’s head of product development, product team, and leadership to guide and build the new solution.

The QUINI DATA™ development and advisory group also includes a team from Simon Fraser University and industry participants, including one of Canada’s largest wine companies.

“QUINI DATA™ is slated to mark one of the most important advances in the wine industry,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s chief executive officer. “I am excited to welcome a business intelligence veteran of Ameer’s caliber to our world class team, and look forward to his contributions on this far-reaching project. ”

“QUINI DATA™ represents a major shift in an organization’s ability to quickly analyze, understand and respond to market demand through rich, real-time wine sensory and consumer behaviour data, analytics and predictive models never available before,” added Noujeim.

“I look forward to working with Quini on such a game-changing project,” said Ameer Hashish. “With QUINI DATA™ virtually live on every manager’s desk, decisions based on typical, lengthy, costly consumer and sensory research will no longer be acceptable. Current consumer sensory data will reinforce backwards-looking sales reports to enable more accurate decisions and accelerate business.”

“It’s a new competitive edge only Quini can deliver,” concluded Ameer.

The new platform leverages Quini’s unique, proprietary consumer sensory and behaviour wine tasting data to deliver a new generation of deep, rich insight and predictive analytics to business intelligence, sales and marketing, operations and C-level executives in the wine and hospitality sectors.

Organizations interested in joining the QUINI DATA™ Beta Group may send in a request to Preliminary information about QUINI DATA™ can be obtained at

Quini Team

Quini Team

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