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Quini SWIRL May 2016

For all you Quini loyals out there, we’ve got news.

We’re pretty close to completing work on Quini 2.0.

From enabling Quini on any connected mobile device (yes Blackberry too), to giving everyone access to all the advanced tasting steps of the current iPad and Web versions of Quini, it’ll all be there.

You will be pleased.

While we’re not disclosing the exact date of the release yet, we want to invite all of you enterprise wine professionals, retail and restaurant executives and sommeliers, to get ready to introduce the new and improved Quini to your staff and into your wine programs, by joining our roster of QUINI SOMM™ business clients.

We’re guessing you may have already heard of QUINI SOMM™.

This platform is enabling wine professionals to do more in less time. To add more value in the workplace and deliver service quality previously unseen neither in retail, distribution, nor the hospitality sectors.

It’s a new world that Quini is shaping in consultation with many of you.

Watch the video and join the revolution with your 14-day free trial at the links below, to see for yourself what the talk is all about:



Wishing you great discovery, thank you for your friendship and business. If you like what you see, do share with the world around you.

Cheers from all of us at Quini!


Quini Team

Quini Team

We’re folks who love tasting and reviewing wine. We want to engage people in thought-provoking dialogue about wine tasting, and empower the wine and hospitality industries with data and tools that directly impact their bottom line.

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