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As if QUINI SOMM™  needs further simplification, we still always look for ways to help our clients in the wine and restaurant business to leverage every single part of the platform, with ease.

After all, QUINI SOMM™ is all about improving the bottom line.

Right now, when you login to your Dashboard, you will notice two things:

1) The page design has been further simplified, to maximize work space and allow you to do your work in even less time.


2) A HOW-TO-VIDEOS library has been added.

How to set up a training or tasting session

Here is an example, to give you an idea.

From a single link on your main QUINI SOMM™ Dashboard landing page, you can now access and view 10 of those short videos, without ever leaving the Dashboard.

The series covers every aspect of the system, so you and your team can have your questions answered immediately. And train new team members on how to use QUINI SOMM™. Without lifting a finger or putting in time you ought to be spending on other priorities.

From an introduction to the dashboard, to how to create a SOMM LIST, set up training sessions or blind tastings, to printing fabulous wine tasting notes for your staff handbook or marketing. It’s all there.

As always, your ideas and feedback are appreciated. That’s how this game changing technology will continue to benefit you and grow with your ambitions and requirements.

Thank you for your partnership.

And remember, there is something in it for you too, when you refer new QUINI SOMM™ clients.

Your Quini Team


Quini Team

Quini Team

We’re folks who love tasting and reviewing wine. We want to engage people in thought-provoking dialogue about wine tasting, and empower the wine and hospitality industries with data and tools that directly impact their bottom line.

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