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Roger Noujeim, Chief Executive Officer, Quini

Roger Noujeim will talk future of wine marketing in the age of real-time consumer wine tasting sensory data and analytics

VANCOUVER, BC – February 08, 2018 – Quini® ( today announced that its chief executive officer Roger Noujeim will appear as guest speaker at Cornell University to discuss the future of wine marketing with data. Noujeim will address the wine marketing class at Cornell through a live stream online, on March 19, 2018.

As part of the Cornell School of Hotel Administration curriculum, Banfi Vintners Professor of Wine Education and Management Dr. Kathryn Anne LaTour, Ph.D., will host Noujeim to talk about solving wine business and marketing problems in the era of readily available consumer sensory and attitudinal data, advanced data visualization technologies, and analytics.

Noujeim’s talk, called Because: How Real-Time Consumer Tasting Data Impacts Business, will look at how wine marketers can apply new thinking to accelerate business.

The talk will cover thoughts and ideas to:

  • Collapse traditional wine market research costs and data acquisition timelines
  • Apply predictive thinking to get ahead
  • Accelerate and improve decision accuracy
  • Minimize costly product mistakes

“Market leaders have always leveraged research and constant communication with customers to set new trends and grow market share,” said Noujeim. “The wine marketer of the future must think alike, to maximize their impact and drive growth. Always ensuring that research and data-driven decisions are core to business operations.”

“I am excited by the way QUINI helps consumers to visually organize their tasting experiences,” said LaTour. “This allows the consumer to provide more insightful information that marketers can then use to better their taste offerings.”

Noujeim’s background includes 30 years in communications, marketing and technology in the advertising, public relations, management consulting and technology sectors. Noujeim is a Leo Burnett and Ernst & Young alumnus, has years of experience working on Procter & Gamble and other national and multi-national brand advertising and research, and has spent the last 17 years in the technology sector.

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