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Partnership breaks wine events industry mold with detailed wine training tool, common tasting standard and real-time wine review data for participants

Vancouver, Canada – Sep 12, 2014 – Quini, an interactive wine tasting, rating and recommendations application and data solutions provider ( today announced a partnership with Top Drop Vancouver ( as the event’s exclusive wine tasting app and data aggregation platform.

As premier sponsors of the city’s newest wine event, Quini will be on location at the trade and consumer event segments at Top Drop Vancouver – The Main Event held on September 16, 2014 at Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, in Vancouver.

All wines set to be poured by the 24 terroir-focused wineries at The Main Event are now listed on Quini under the hashtag #topdropvancouver to enable attendees and wineries to instantly find and rate the wines on their mobile devices at the event.

For an even faster and more enjoyable experience, event participants and winery marketing staff are encouraged to download Quini and add wines of interest to their Wishlist on the wine app, in advance. Once at the event, users simply tap TASTE in the Quini app to find and create a wine review.

“We are proud to be associated with Top Drop Vancouver and founding partners The Wine Syndicate’s Jeff Curry and award winning sommelier and wine expert Kurtis Kolt,” said Quini’s CEO, Roger Noujeim. “The idea behind Top Drop is unique and makes it a must-attend event for those truly serious about wine and wine tasting. The environmental benefits of promoting paperless tasting notes yet enable thorough reviews of wines being poured is one of many aspects of Top Drop that we strongly applaud and support.”

“We’re looking forward to working with Quini, whose participation in Top Drop Vancouver will not only make our event more dynamic for attendees since they can rate and make notes on wines while seeing the same from others in real-time, but we like the added benefit of not having to print out bulky programs, allowing us to be a little more environmentally conscious,” said Kurtis Kolt.

Quini’s wine app, explained here on video is available in English and French on the App Store and as a Web App on computers or tablets. Android users may contact Quini for alternatives.

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Quini is a wine app with interactive wine tasting, rating and recommendations, as well as a data solutions provider. In enterprise, Quini is used to access wine tasting market trends and analytics in real-time, and to enhance wine education programs and staff training. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Quini is co-funded by its founding team and CMF (Canada Media Fund). Quini is available as a mobile application for iPhone and iPad, and for desktop, laptop and tablet computers at

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