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I Don't Think I Like Wine

Really?? There are over 1000 grape varietals, you haven’t found ANYTHING you liked?? Wait, you’ve only tried 3 or 4? I understand you being hesitant to continue to blindly pay for and try wine after wine after wine only to get home disappointed and out of money when you pour said wine down the drain. That has happened to me. Well, not the drain part…no wine left behind! But I’m so glad you’re reading this, as we at Quini are here for you.

Whenever I hear someone say this, I consider it a challenge. You give me some foods you like, fruits, wines you’ve tried previously, and I take it upon myself to find a wine that you will absolutely love.

Let’s start with what kinds of things you typically drink, Coke, beer, milk, fruit juice, etc. this helps to determine what you currently have a palate for. If you drink Coke daily or fruit juices, a dry or tannic wine will be terrible to you! If you only drink Moscato or sweeter dessert-style wines, you also cannot just jump right into a Cabernet. Your palate must develop into that.

We’re all friends here so let me be honest with you, my first foray into ‘wine’ was Boones Farm. Yes, yes I said it, Boones Farm. Now you understand why wine was in quotes! From there I started tasting various white wines when I would find free tastings in my local wine shops. I was able to taste new wines weekly with this method. Depending on where you live, in the spring and summer months there are tons of wine festivals that you can attend. Pay one price, get a glass, sample as much as you can stand…then call a taxi. But seriously, these are all very good ways to try different wines and develop your palate all while not spending a lot of money.

Also, if you’re really serious about developing your palate and expanding your wine preferences, you will need to start taking notes. A small notebook, a writing app in your phone, someplace to write down and review all of your wine thoughts. The more wines you taste, the more wines you can review. As for tracking your wines, why not try a wine app? There are plenty out there to help you track and understand your tastes over a period of time. I have a couple of ideas about apps you could try, shoot me an email I’ll be sure to tell you ;)

The more wines you review, the more you will start to see and understand your wine preferences. This way you’ll not only learn to like wine, you’ll pick the right one every time!!

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Judgement Of BC

If you’ve tasted lots of wine, from lots of places over a long period of time with a critical eye and palate, you get pretty confident in your ability to figure wines out. You can identify what you are tasting and if you are familiar with the winemaking process, you can often figure out how it got made, and maybe where it is from as well. But nothing puts that to the test like being on a tasting panel at a special event, which forces you to take your focus up a notch or two, as well as seeing how your palate compares to other acknowledged experts.
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Predicting the Peak

Isn’t it romantic? Carefully slipping a dusty bottle out of a dark bin in a cool wine cellar, you announce the name and the vintage with great pride. Sipping the highly anticipated liquid nirvana proves a scenario almost as intoxicating as the wine itself. Don’t we all hold hope for that experience just once during our lifetime, opening a great bottle of wine, aged to perfection? Truth is, less than one percent of the wine produced each year is really worthy of a long snooze in the cellar.
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