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SWIRL June 2016

We’ve always said that Quini was created to make wine tasting accessible to all. To replace intimidation with confidence. Now we advance this vision by bringing Quini to the world of fine dining. So both server and guest can engage in more informative, yet casual language about wine. Where the consumer is empowered, not intimidated, and servers, new or veterans, can be confident and able to enhance their guest dining experience even more.

Specifically, Quini moved into the restaurant space with a first of its kind enterprise software platform, to good market reception. We announced QUINI SOMM in early July and today are proud to name several high profile restaurant organizations amongst our clients. In Vancouver and in Seattle. This means food and wine lovers can begin to expect a better experience with wine, when dining at one of our customers’ restaurants. Drop us a note to find out who’s on board so far.

Also in July, we announced the expansion of our Value Added Reseller network with a partnership with hospitality and wine industry expert Philippe C. Grandbois. We’ve since signed other VARs, in Massachusetts and Maryland. This means the vision will be touching more markets, sooner. The sommelier of tomorrow is keen on technology to make their job more efficient and to add more value in their workplace. That’s where QUINI SOMM™, the platform our VARs will market, delivers in spades.

Lots more on the go at Quini, including major technology development projects and new enterprise client roll outs.

Until our next update, always enjoy your wine tastings with Quini. With proper tasting notes and on-going updates of your developing palate, the wheel of uncertainty, whenever you buy wine, or serve wine, turns into confidence and a better experience.

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It was earlier this year that many celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Tasting in Paris. Remember also that at that time there were only mainframes and mini computers. People were just changing to push button keypads on their phones. The Wine Institute didn’t even report annually on the number of US wineries, but in 1975 they had reported 579. Relatively speaking there were few Americans who drank wine on a regular basis. How many people outside of Napa really cared that they beat better known French wines?
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Philippe C. Grandbois

VANCOUVER, BC – July 20, 2016 – Quini (, the leader in real-time wine tasting sensory data and technology solutions today announced that Philippe C. Grandbois ( has become its newest Value Added Reseller (VAR). The partnership expands distribution opportunities for Quini’s enterprise data and software solutions. Philippe, a recognized hospitality and wine industry expert and consultant, is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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