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VANCOUVER, BC – April 29, 2019 – Quini® CEO Roger Noujeim is scheduled to appear at the 3rd Annual Wine & Hospitality Management Workshop alongside Cornell Banfi Vintners Professor of Wine Education and Management, Dr. Kathryn Anne LaTour, Quini today announced.

The small-scale, high quality conference will be held on June 6 and 7, 2019 at the SC Johnson College of Business program space in New York City, at 40 West 57th Street.

LaTour and Noujeim will present new data and findings on generational participation in wine tasting, to help answer the question surrounding younger consumers’ interest in wine. The reveal will be based on Quini tasting event data going back to 2017.

The conference is organized by the Cornell Institute for Food and Beverage Management (CIFBM) and the Alliance for Research on Wine and Hospitality Management. The venue is intended for presentation of papers-in-progress that can benefit from discussion. It also allows for intense interactions between participants and offers a platform for academics and practitioners alike.

For more information or to register to attend the conference, please visit the conference website.


Quini is the leader in near real-time wine sensory data and technology solutions. Privately held, Quini is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. The Quini project is co-funded by CMF (Canada Media Fund). More information can be accessed at Co-funding for the QUINI DATA™ platform is provided by the Government of Canada, through the National Research Council (NRC).

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SWIRL June 2016

We’ve always said that Quini was created to make wine tasting accessible to all. To replace intimidation with confidence. Now we advance this vision by bringing Quini to the world of fine dining. So both server and guest can engage in more informative, yet casual language about wine. Where the consumer is empowered, not intimidated, and servers, new or veterans, can be confident and able to enhance their guest dining experience even more.
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It was earlier this year that many celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Tasting in Paris. Remember also that at that time there were only mainframes and mini computers. People were just changing to push button keypads on their phones. The Wine Institute didn’t even report annually on the number of US wineries, but in 1975 they had reported 579. Relatively speaking there were few Americans who drank wine on a regular basis. How many people outside of Napa really cared that they beat better known French wines?
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