By Quini Team June 3, 2016 Comments Off

Last week while I was trying Barboursville Vineyards wines at the Franklin Wine Club tasting event, I was introduced to a new app called Quini for wine reviews.  The company is based in Vancouver and their focus is enterprise software and wine data solutions for the restaurant and wine industries.  Since they are approaching reviews from the restaurant and business angle, it’s no surprise that their top layer products are:

  • QUINI SOMM – designed to maximize wine sales and drive efficiencies in the fine dining restaurant market.
  • QUINI DATA – which enables managers in the wine industry to make more informed decisions and drive innovation with real-time wine tasting intelligence data and interactive wine listings and ratings.
  • QUINI AD – network that gets the word out and engages wine lovers in an unforgettable way.
  • Lastly is the QUINI APP – designed to expand users’ experience with wine and help them discover their palate faster than ever. It also happens to be a very powerful data collection tool, providing 60+ sensory data points per wine tasting session.

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