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There are many advantages to better understanding your customers. That’s why progressive wine companies and retailers invest significant effort, time and money on consumer research and wine data analysis.

QUINI Wine Intelligence is when your teams can constantly gather customer sensory and attitude data about your wines, and competing products, and parse preferences by gender, on-demand. It’s an important way to look at your data. To help you identify swings that impact product, branding, pricing and other critical parameters.

Here are nine things you can do, once you figure out whether it’s men or women prefer your wine more. The bigger the spread in preference, the more impact the changes you make can have on the business:

1- Choose and commit to the primary target.

2) Change the label to better reflect the new direction.

3) Change the product name, if that makes sense.

4) Create point of sale and display materials that speak to that gender group.

5) Create special events for the target group.

6) Initiate email and online marketing targeted to the group.

7) Market to the opposite gender, letting them know their significant other or gift party would like your wine.

8) Consider enhancing the aromas and flavours that your target gender seems to like, in the next vintage, and tout that in your marketing.

9) Test the wine against key competing products, using the QUINI DATA™ system, to learn more, market more aggressively, fine-tune more, and reinforce your direction and marketing.

Can you think of anything else?

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