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Consumer Wine Tasting Sensory Data Guides Product & Marketing Decisions

Not yet convinced that investing in consumer research and sensory wine tasting data is good for your business? Holding back on spending on that focus group or survey, and still relying just on past sales reports and your team tastings to make major decisions?

It’s time to relax your hold on that purse, because the ROI on research can be very significant.

Take a look at the stats. Many of these hugely successful brands belong to companies that are heavy into research. Is this pure coincidence? We think not.

And, start collecting tasting data for use in your decision making, without delay. There are easy to use, inexpensive tools that you can start using right now to get great wine tasting sensory and behavior data on a consistent basis, without the massive expense and delays of the typical focus groups or surveys.

From The Beverage Information & Insights Group, the fastest-growing growth wine brands, between 2015 and 2016, are:

– Ravage (Constellation) 1500%
– Vin Vault (Gallo) 700%
– Cherry Blossom Cellars (Bronco) 664.7%
– Prophecy (Gallo) 341.2%
– Strawberry Sparkletini (Carriage House Imports) 316.7%
–  Sangria LOLEA (Bodega & Co.) 150%
– Beso del Sol Sangria (Beso del Sol) 143.1%
– 19 Crimes (Treasury) 98.3%
– Le Charmel (Winesellers) 83.3%
– The Federalist (Terlato wines) 81.8%

Is your company ready for this kind of growth?

To learn how your wine company, wine retail operation or wine club can use the QUINI SOMM system to acquire critical wine tasting data quickly and consistently, please drop us a note at


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The wine industry faces a significant challenge. Players must not only compete against each other, but they also have to contend with increasing competition from alternative alcoholic beverage segments like beer and spirits. These sectors are getting very creative with their marketing.
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It was earlier this year that many celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Tasting in Paris. Remember also that at that time there were only mainframes and mini computers. People were just changing to push button keypads on their phones. The Wine Institute didn’t even report annually on the number of US wineries, but in 1975 they had reported 579. Relatively speaking there were few Americans who drank wine on a regular basis. How many people outside of Napa really cared that they beat better known French wines?
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